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Alumni Mentorship Program

The Alumni Mentorship Program leverages the experience and success of graduates in the entrepreneurship program to mentor current student entrepreneurs at various stages of development. By providing student entrepreneurs with consistent access to experienced entrepreneurs who have recently gone through a similar program, we can not only build the entrepreneurship capacity at our University, but also the mentorship capacity of Alberta. This innovative approach supplements the existing use of more senior volunteer mentors. Recent entrepreneurship graduates have a rare combination of experience and empathy for the early stage student entrepreneurs, which can be difficult for seasoned entrepreneurs.

While we strive to have great companies founded, we should never lose site of our educational mission to graduate the most entrepreneurial minds in Canada.

This program focuses on providing an entrepreneurial education experience for both the mentor and the mentee. This experience will benefit the individuals regardless of the success of the student startup. The ultimate goal of the Alumni Mentorship Program is to provide students with an opportunity to learn through experiencing entrepreneurship beyond what a classroom can provide. While we strive to have great companies founded, this program focuses on mentoring the individual rather than advising the company. The Mentorship Program will maximize opportunities for participants to learn necessary skills and access valuable entrepreneur support in a practical, experience-based learning environment. 


Becoming a Mentee

 Program Requirements

  • The primary goal of joining the mentorship program is to be inspired to keep working on your idea using lean startup and customer development methodology.
  • You must take initiative. It is your job to reach out, asks question, seek advice on next steps, explore possible introductions, and above else, work hard.
  • The mentee should strive to build a relationship with the mentor so that the you feel comfortable coming back to the mentor as you build your idea.
  • This continuity of contact is critical to moving your venture forward. Seek advice in preparing for grant opportunities and pitch competitions, both internally and externally.
  • Mentees are to commit 3 to 6 hours per month to their mentors. You will be assigned to one primary mentor. You are required to engage with your mentor at least once a month, in addition to attending at least one Founders Circle meetup every two months.

If taken seriously, this could be one of the most valuable relationships you develop at University.   


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