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The Institute


The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is focused on developing an entrepreneurial mindset coupled with creative and disciplined execution. Talent with this combination is necessary for the creation of new ventures and for the growth and success of existing small and medium businesses. We accomplish this with a unique combination of experiential learning and impact research.

In 2012, the idea for The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship became a reality. Through a combined effort of the active entrepreneurial community, consultation with top 10 entrepreneurship schools across North America, and a generous donation by the RBC Foundation for start-up funding, the Institute is a place for students to discover their entrepreneurial potential. Our vision is to graduate the most entrepreneurial minds in Canada. We achieve this by:

  • Delivering the highest quality instruction, highlighted by innovative experiential learning
  • Providing students from across campus with opportunities and resources to exercise their entrepreneurial minds outside of the classroom
  • Fostering a sense of belonging and community through peer-to-peer and alumni mentorship opportunities
  • Thoughtfully engaging the broader community in the education of our students
  • A province-wide thought leader that supports the research and scholarship that will have an impact on the teaching and learning of innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • Creating a physical and online space that fosters creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • Advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning of innovation and entrepreneurship

Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset will not only enable students to start their own ventures, but will make them invaluable as early employees of other startups or as innovators in established organizations. This focus on innovation is critical. As a city, province, and country, we have no shortage of good ideas, enabling technologies, and patentable inventions. Innovation is about leveraging these inputs to create economic or social value. We are in the business of educating the next generation of value creators.