Facilities Management

MRU Facilities Management

Maintaining a campus that supports our communityMount Royal University is 2,957,807 square feet and sits on 118 acres of land. This vast institution provides a safe and enriching environment that is conducive for learning.

The Mount Royal University Facilities Management department is responsible for the maintenance and growth of our internal and external environment. Facilities Management supports our community by providing services that save money, time and resources. Some of the services include, the cleanliness of the building, furniture, way-finding, security, landscaping, construction projects, energy, utilities, sustainability and more.

As a team, Facilities Management considers  the following when making improvements to our thriving campus.

  • Lowering operational costs
  • Improving responsiveness
  • Reducing our environmental footprint
  • Enhancing safety / emergency response / business continuity
  • Transparency

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